Duroflex Propel Pocket Spring Mattress

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Duroflex Propel Mattress: Rejuvenate Your Sleep

Welcome to the Duroflex Propel Mattress, a part of the Duroflex Energise range, designed to revitalize your sleep experience.

Pocketed Spring Core: Ultimate Support and Durability

The Duroflex Propel Mattress features a core of pocketed springs. This design provides exceptional support and durability, ensuring that your mattress stands the test of time.

3 Zone Copper-Infused PU Foam Comfort Layer: Responsive and Hygienic

The Propel Mattress includes a 3 zone copper-infused PU foam comfort layer. This feature provides responsive comfort and promotes a cleaner, more hygienic sleep environment.

Premium Knitted Quilted Cover: Soft and Stress-Free

The Propel Mattress is encased in a premium knitted quilted cover made with anti-stress fabric. This feature ensures a soft touch and a stress-free sleep experience.

Medium Soft Comfort and Thickness Options

Offering a medium soft comfort level and a thickness of 7 inches, the Duroflex Propel Mattress caters to a range of sleep preferences and needs.

Duroflex Warranty: Quality You Can Trust

With a 10-year warranty, the Duroflex Propel Mattress guarantees quality sleep for years to come.

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