Springfit Reactive Dual Mattress

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Discover Dual Comfort: Springfit Reactive Dual Mattress

Introducing the Springfit Reactive Dual Mattress, where versatility meets comfort. This mattress adapts to your ever-changing sleep preferences, offering dual-sided comfort, and so much more.

Customized Mattress Construction

This mattress is designed to meet your unique comfort and support needs:

HR Comfort Foam: Soft and Cozy Comfort

Experience soft and soothing sleep on one side with HR Comfort Foam. This side provides a comfortable feel that's perfect for relaxation.

HR Support Foam: Stability and Support

For the nights when you need extra stability and support, the other side of the mattress features HR Support Foam. It's designed to provide essential support for your spine and body, ensuring a good night's rest.

ReActive Foam: Pressure Relief and Customized Comfort

Embedded within the mattress is the remarkable ReActive Foam. This innovative foam conforms to your body's unique contours, offering pressure relief and customized comfort. It adapts to your needs, night after night.

Turkish Thermo-bonded Support Layers: Buoyancy and Breathability

Enhancing the mattress's breathability and buoyancy are the Turkish Thermo-bonded Support Layers. These layers promote airflow, allowing you to breathe easy while you sleep.

Elevate Your Sleep with Remarkable Benefits

The Springfit Reactive Dual Mattress brings a range of benefits to enhance your sleep experience:

  • Enjoy the best of both worlds with its dual comfort design, offering a soft side for relaxation and a firm side for stability.
  • Experience tailored pressure relief with the adaptable ReActive Foam, ensuring you wake up refreshed and free from pressure points.
  • Benefit from the stability and support provided by HR Support Foam, ensuring a comfortable and well-supported sleep.
  • Embrace breathability and enhanced airflow with the Turkish Thermo-bonded Support Layers, promoting a fresh sleep environment.

Choose Affordable Versatility

The Springfit Reactive Dual Mattress not only adapts to your comfort needs, but it also fits your budget. It's the perfect solution for those who desire a versatile mattress that's both soft and firm, all at an affordable price. Plus, it's the only mattress with a reversible design for dual-sided comfort.

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